Patty Cassidy

Gardening for Wellness


Patty Cassidy’s book

The Illustrated Practical

Guide to Gardening for Seniors

is now available.

A Nature-based Program for Seniors

Patty Cassidy, a registered horticultural therapist and Master Gardener, summarizes the work she does with senior gardeners and other clients as “Gardening for Wellness.” Her program is based on a simple philosophy—namely, that spending time in the garden, viewing  natural settings,  and participating in plant activities are all ways of  nurturing or restoring one’s emotional and physical well-being.

Gardening for Wellness is a nature-based, client-tailored program that provides elders with a variety of restorative and satisfying activities to promote physical, cognitive, social, and psychological health.

“Convince me you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect miracles.”

Henry David Thoreau

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